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Oil Change Service in Fern Park

Materials required:

  • A socket wrench (1/2″-9/16″/ 13-15mm)
  • Oil wrench(optional)
  • 3-4 quarts of engine oil
  • 1 oil filter
  • 1 oil pan
  • 1 rag

STEP 1) Visit an auto parts retailer and identify the filter you need. Associates should be available to help. If not, there is usually a reference guide adjacent to these filters. You should know the make, model and year of your vehicle, as well as the size of its engine (V4, V6, V8, 2.0L, 4.0L, etc). There are likely several filters available that fit your vehicle including Bosch Distance plus, Fram Tough Guard, K&N Premium Wrench-off, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, and Royal Purple Extended Life filters. Ask an associate if you need one recommended to you.

STEP 2) When you’re ready to change the oil, find a flat spot to park your vehicle and engage the emergency brake. If your car is parked on an uneven surface, the oil will not drain properly, effectively diminishing the quality of your work. Gather your tools and materials so they are all within reach when you begin the job!

STEP 3) Let your engine run for a couple minutes, then shut off. Depending on the oil you choose, an oil with a lower viscosity flows more easily when warm.

STEP 4) Find the drain plug. The drain plug, which is nothing more than a bolt, can be found underneath the engine block, toward the front of the vehicle. If you’ve placed your oil pan, or other catch nearby, go ahead and grab it. Using a socket wrench, turn counterclockwise until the drain plug is loose enough to remove with your fingers. Allow the drain plug to drop in the catch. The engine oil will take up to ten minutes to drain completely.

STEP 5) Only when the used engine oil has completely drained should you prepare to remove the oil filter. The filter should be within eye shot of the engine block. They are usually painted black or on the bottom or have a black rubber material. Move the oil pan from underneath the oil pan to to just below the filter. Remove the filter. You can do this using an oil filter wrench, or a little elbow grease. Set the filter in the oil pan and allow to drain.

Oil Change Service in Fern Park | Cadillac Specialists

STEP 6) When the oil filter has drained into the catch, take a rag and dip into the oil pan. Then, find the new filter and grease the seal with the rag. Replace with a new filter from a Winter Park parts dealer.

STEP 7) Come out from underneath the vehicle with your supplies and pop the hood. Locate the oil cap as pictured below and remove.

Oil Change Service in Fern Park | Cadillac Specialists - image #2

STEP 8) Place a funnel in the mouth of the filter and add 4-5 quarts of new oil. Start the car and allow to run for a few minutes. Shut off the engine. Check the dipstick to see if oil levels are within acceptable parameters. If necessary, add an additional quart of oil.

At Cadillac Specialists, we are happy to accept used motor oil as part of a recycling initiative.

People throughout Central Florida come to Cadillac Specialists for our expertise with any and oil-change related service.

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